Welcome to Ashten's Restaurant


ashtenfrontAshten's was first opened in 1997 by sisters Ashley and Quinten Van Camp. The original concept was to be comfortable yet elegant, like an old English manor house. The crest, which hangs over the door to the Pub, has a Lion and a Unicorn fighting over a crown roast with "not new things but in new ways" written in latin.

This crest is what Ashten's is all about. Traditional but with a twist, We love to take classics and play with them so we do a lot of experimenting! We call it "global cusine from a southern perspective"!

Whenever possible we like to you use local farmers to supply the ingredients for the amazing dishes we prepare here at Ashten's.  We feel it's important to support the local farmer and all the hard work they do....besides it just tastes better!  So what we would like to do is let you know what ingredients we are currently using from local farms.  Look for them on the menu and Support our Local Farmer!
Ask about Ashten's Private Rooms for meetings, clubs, presentations or Rehearsal Dinners!  Call to reserve them at 910-246-3510