Meet our Chef - Ashley Van Camp


ashley_picAshten's Chef is also it's owner...Ashley Van Camp.....Ashley's training includes a number of years as a chef in New York, but mainly comes from time observing her grandmother in the kitchen. "I think about what my southern soul food cookin' grandmother would have cooked if she had been asked to cook in another country. How would she interpret foreign ingredients and make them her own and how would she cook dishes she knew if she didn't have the ingredients she was used to."

Ashley's style is traditional but with a twist. "We love to take classics and play with them. We are not bound to any certain type of cuisine. Our menu is globally inspired. We play with Japanese, Italian, English, and Indian food, just to name a few. We make it our own by putting our own southern spin on it. We do a lot of's fun for us and delicious for you!"

Ask about Ashten's Private Rooms for meetings, clubs, presentations or Rehearsal Dinners!  Call to reserve them at 910-246-3510