Meet the Farmer


Meet the Farmer - R2 Apiary

R2 Apiary in West End 

2 Apiary is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Robin and Robert Lawhon. They have hives in West End, Carthage, Cameron, Vass and Southern Pines. Robert got started with his own hives in college and Robin followed suit when her brother needed a bee keeper for his strawberry farm. 

R2 Apiary’s delicate raw and unfiltered cut comb honey has irrefutable health benefits including high levels of antioxidants, as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Not only can honey be used topically to treat a burn or a bug bite, raw and unfiltered honey helps to protect your body from cell damage due to free radicals. 

Why should you be concerned with free radicals in your body? 
Free radicals contribute to the aging process and the development of disease.

In other words…. Eat raw unfiltered honey to feel younger and stay healthy!  


Meet the Farmer - John Frye

johnfrye farmerJohn Frye 
Macc’s Family Farm  
The farm, located on the NE side of the Moore County Airport has been in John’s family for over 300 years and was originally settled by John’s Great Great Great Grandfather Mr. Hugh McCaskill. 
Macc’s specializes in growing CUCURBITS. If you, like the rest of us don’t know what the heck a CUCURBIT is, it’s the name for the gourd family. Now you know. 
John is the "wizard" who brings us the oh-so highly sought after squash blossoms every summer.
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